Lexus Drops a New Black Panther Super Bowl Spot for LS 500 F Sport

Lexus aired a new Black Panther commercial during the Super Bowl tonight. The commercial advertises the LS 500 F Sport. The commercial follows an astounding claim back in October that Lexus would begin manufacturing vehicles made of vibranium, a fictional metal available only in the fictional nation of Wakanda. Lexus didn't explain how they had acquired the fictional metal with amazing properties, and the TV spot doesn't elaborate. However, it does feature footage featuring the car from the upcoming movie.

Black Panther hits theaters on February 16th. Check out the new TV spot below.

Enjoy "Long Live The King," featuring the all-new 2018 Lexus LS 500 F SPORT and King T'Challa (a.k.a. Black Panther) in an action-packed commercial that debuted during 2018's Big Game. This thrilling ad features an exciting moment from Marvel Studios' Black Panther film, including a cameo from the Lexus LC 500 that may have you on the edge of your seat.

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