Lizzy Caplan Supposedly In Talks For Supposed Role In Channing Tatum's Supposed Gambit Movie

What we've thus far assumed is just one big inside joke by superstar actor Channing Tatum in pretending that he's actually going to make that Gambit movie he's been talking about for years took a shocking turn today. Lizzy Caplan is reportedly in talks for a role, causing us to question everything we thought we knew. Could this movie actually be happening?

If the whole thing does turn out to be a scam, Caplan would join studio Fox and currently attached director Gore Verbinski, along with previously attached directors Doug Liman and Rupert Wyatt, as major Hollywood players who fell for it. But we're starting to think that maybe, just maybe, there really will be a Gambit movie after all.

Masters of Sex star Caplan would play the lead in the film, Variety reports, though what exactly that role would be is being kept under wraps. Gambit, known in comics as the Cajun Wolverine, experienced an era of extreme popularity during the 1990s, and has long been romantically attached to Rogue, but we don't want to get into too much speculation here in case it's still a giant ruse. Tatum would play the titular role in the film, if it does indeed to turn out to be anything more than an elaborate prank whose punchline only Channing Tatum finds funny.

Gambit doesn't yet have a release date, but if Fox does assign one, it may be time to start accepting that a Gambit feature is film is very, very, real, and Channing Tatum has been telling the truth this whole time!

If so, we hope he will accept our gracious apologies.

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