Marry Poppins Returns News Coming Out Of D23

Currently D23's live action panel is pretty much the best thing to happen during this hour of the day. The upcoming Marry Poppins Returns–a sequel to the 1964 film–has a majority of Disney fans excited. As we already know, Dick Van Dyke, Anegla Lansburry, Meryl Streep, Lin Manuel Miranda, and Colin Firth will all have roles in the film. The cast seems to be in great spirits though, but Emily Blunt is acknowledging the obvious, she's not Julie Andrews "No one will out Julie Julie Andrews". Van Dyke has stated he felt the same amount of joy making this movie, as he did the original. That's very comforting to know, as the original is frankly amazing. And yes, the movie will be "a big old musical" according to Blunt.

Oh, and some of the original set items are coming back as well.

The movie is set to take place 25 years after the first ended, and it was shot on location to give it a more authentic feel. Now if you'll excuse me, I have the urge to go fly a kite.

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