Mirror Mirror On The Wall, When Will David Cassidy Get A Call?

736923-mirrormaster02There are two things obvious from the first season and a bit of the CW series the Flash. First is that the executive producers plan to use all of his Rogues and that they loved the old John Wesley Shipp series from the 90's.

So far we've seen Captain Cold become a major player along with his sister Golden Glider and his partner Heatwave. We've met Captain Boomerang, the Pied Piper and Girder. We got two different Weather Wizards and two different Tricksters with one coming from the 90's series played by Mark Hamill.

Bringing back Hamill to play the Trickster was just the most recent of homages to the previous series. The first of course was casting John Wesley Shipp as Henry Allen. Then the brought in Amanda Pays to play Tina McGee again and even one of the beat cops (Vito D'Ambrosio) from the past is now the Mayor of Central City.

David_Cassidy_MugBut when I think of the Rogues… and I mean the Silver Age classic version… there is an important villain that hasn't made the jump to the new series, but he appeared in the 90's version. Yes, I'm talking about Mirror Master. One of the most powerful of the Rogues as he can basically teleport through any reflective surface. He was originally played by David Cassidy of the Patridge Family fame. Yes, the guy who sang, "I think I love you…"

That has me wondering when we will see him. This seems like exactly the type of character they would want to use, a unique visual effect on the series and ties to the Shipp series. Now I know just because the villain appeared before doesn't mean they're going to bring that actor back. Michael Champion played Captain Cold and we haven't seen him. And Mark Hamill has a huge pop culture following so bringing him in made sense. So where does David Cassidy fall into this? Well, besides being somewhat of a name, he has a familiar tie. His daughter, Katie Cassidy, is running around Star City as the Black Canary.

So I don't think it's a matter of IF we'll see Mirror Master or even IF we'll get at least a cameo by David Cassidy… it's more of a matter of when.

As for how… well, I know I'd like to see Cisco Ramon (Carlos Valdes) tap into his Vibe powers and team up with Black Canary using her sonic scream to go up against the Mirror Master in a hall of mirrors. I think that could make for a spectacular scene once everyone cuts loose.


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