Netflix Testing Some 4k Videos Now Ahead Of Planned Full Service In 2014

netflix logoJaselle Martino writes for Bleeding Cool.

According to Gigaom, Netflix have added seven videos of 4K test footage to their catalog this week. The company is planning on launching a full 4K video service in 2014.

Having the opportunity to watch programming in ultra HD online opens great possibilities not only for viewers but for independent productions. With new media on the rampant rise, indie productions can now shoot their cinematically-driven projects and broadcast them online using platforms like Netflix and YouTube, no longer having to reduce the resolution for the viewers' experience. All they need trust in is the viewer finding a screen and sound set up good enough to do the media justice.

Netflix has a track record for pioneering difference viewership experiences – like its original series, for instance – and bringing 4K or Ultra HD to their content would now increase the aesthetic quality of their programming significantly.