New Behind-the-Scenes Images for the Alita: Battle Angel Rerelease

Movie theaters are having a tough time with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and one of the ways they are trying to keep people coming to the movies now that there aren't a lot of new releases is rereleasing older movies. Some of those rereleases are very old while some are more recent. One of those more recent releases that are coming back to the big screen is Alita: Battle Angel. While not a huge hit when it came out last year the movie did all right at the box office and has gained a very loyal fanbase that would really like 20th Century Studios to make a sequel. Producer Jon Landau released some new behind-the-scenes images and stills from the movie in light of the rerelease on his Instagram.

If there were ever something that might convince Disney and 20th Century Studios to greenlight a sequel, it would be this rerelease doing well. That being said, seeing Alita: Battle Angel or any movie in theaters should be done with extreme caution considering the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. I'm going to throw out a personal suggestion to those that would like a safe alternative. If you gather up about 8-10 people, you can trust to follow the rules and buy seats in very specific locations; you can buy out entire theaters or the entire upper half of theaters for small amounts of money. This is how I saw The New Mutants and Tenet about as safely as I possibly could. Be safe out there, Alita Army, and I hope this re-release goes well for you.

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