Nope Trailer Will Debut During Super Bowl, What Is New Peele Movie?

Nope will debut its first trailer during the Super Bowl this Sunday, the latest film directed by Jordan Peele. This follows Get Out, and Us, and just like those films, there is very little known right now about what this film is actually about. A poster has been released, and we know Daniel Kaluuya (Get Out), Steven Yeun ("The Walking Dead," Mayhem), Keke Palmer ("Scream"), Michael Wincott (The Crow), Barbie Ferreira, and Brandon Perea star in the film. And a new teaser for Nope was just released as well, though there are only a couple of flashes of the movie in it. That is below.

Nope: Is It Aliens? Weather? Tornadoes?

I love when people just look up. My favorite is the Avengers: Endgame poster, where everyone is just looking up and to the right. But what are they looking at in that trailer? The easy answer is that Nope is Jordan Peele taking a stab at an alien invasion, but I think it has something to do with the weather. Kind of like when the wind was the bad guy in Shyamalan's The Happening. Hopefully, we don't get any scenes of people having frank conversations with plants in this one. The Nope poster is below, but it doesn't offer much either for those that have not seen it yet.

Nope Trailer Will Debut During Super Bowl, What Is New Peele Movie?
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Maybe that rogue cloud is just returning that nice string of balloons to that nice carnival down there where nothing scary at all will happen. Maybe this is a horror-comedy! Who puts a carnival at the base of a mountain like that anyway? Pretty annoying to travel to if you ask me. I am vamping here because I really have no clue. I would almost like it is that teaser, and this poster is all we got walking into the theater, but that is not how they market movies anymore.

Nope releases July 22nd, only in theaters.

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