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Mondo Releasing Three New Jordan Peele Film Poster Special Editions
Get Out is celebrated by artist Ashley Floréal, Us gets a tribute from Rafa Orrico, and finally, Nope by Raul Urias All three posters will run you $80 a poster and have edition sizes of 165 each for Get Out and Us and 215 for Nope Mondo is no stranger to celebrating Peele, and this won't be the[...]
Nope Trailer Will Debut During Super Bowl, What Is New Peele Movie?
This follows Get Out, and Us, and just like those films, there is very little known right now about what this film is actually about A poster has been released, and we know Daniel Kaluuya (Get Out), Steven Yeun ("The Walking Dead," Mayhem), Keke Palmer ("Scream"), Michael Wincott (The Crow), Barbie Ferreira, and Brandon Perea star in the film[...]
Steven Yeun arrives for the 2019 Film Independent Spirit Awards on February 23, 2019 in Santa Monica, CA. Editorial credit: DFree /
Peele's last film was Us, which grossed a stellar $250 million Yeun was most recently seen in the A24 release Minari, which was nominated for a bunch of Academy Awards, including one for himself for Best Actor The casting news was broken by The Hollywood Reporter. Steven Yeun arrives for the 2019 Film Independent Spirit Awards[...]
Iain De Caestecker, From SHIELD to Wearing Tom Hollander's Nose in Us
However, a very reduced role in the seventh final season gave him a little more flex in what other roles he might take. Which now includes playing the younger version of Tom Hollander's character in the new BBC drama, Us It wasn't an expecting or much-promoted role, so his appearance on screen was a delight to[...]
Candyman hits theaters in September.
The trailer is one of the most-watched of the year so far, and a big reason for that is the involvement of Get Out and Us director Jordan Peele Many even falsely believe that he is directing this film as well Instead, he hand-picked Nia DaCosta (Little Woods) to bring the iconic villain back to[...]
Candyman - Official Trailer [HD]
The trailer is below if you haven't seen it yet. can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: Candyman – Official Trailer [HD] ( With Anthony's painting career on the brink of stalling, a chance encounter with a Cabrini Green old-timer (Colman Domingo; HBO's Euphoria, Assassination Nation) exposes Anthony to the tragically horrific nature of the true[...]
street fighter 100 fcbd
Rather than relying on Diamond UK for weekly orders, Richard Emms engages in a little grey market subdistribution from stores in the USA They are not the only store to do such, Forbidden Planet managed to get all the DC Walmart exclusive comic books in stores for example Geolocked licensed books such as Doctor Who,[...]
Castle of Horror: Doctor Sleep: The Stephen King Retrospective
Fangoria made its triumphant return in 2018, and it has been a great year plus of  features and issues so far I will never forget getting that return issue with Michael Myers on the cover and how much joy it brought me The world is just better with Fangoria in it Right now, you can[...]
Bleeding Cool Writers Picks Their Top 10 Films of the Year
Let's dig in! Netflix Ray Flook: 1) KNIVES OUT 2) JOKER 3) EL CAMINO: A BREAKING BAD MOVIE 4) ONCE UPON A TIME… IN HOLLYWOOD 5) BOOKSMART 6) US 7) HUSTLERS 8) DOCTOR SLEEP 9) SCARY STORIES TO TELL IN THE DARK 10) BRIGHTBURN Vince Gilligan said that 'El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie' was a project that was meant specifically for the Breaking Bad fans – this[...]
Lupita Nyong'o Confirms She Isn't Interested in an "Us" Sequel
After the positive reviews surrounding the Jordan Peele horror film Us, fans of the movie wondered if there could be potential for more because of the film's ambiguous conclusion — but the answer seems unlikely for at least one key player. As the follow-up to Peele's Oscar-winning debut with Get Out, the writer and director aimed[...]
'Antebellum':Check Out the First Trailer and Three Posters From Lionsgate's New Horror Film
Antebellum, a new horror film set up at Lionsgate directed by Gerard Bush and Christopher Renz, debuted its teaser trailer this morning The duo is most known for advertising campaigns for luxury brands and some music videos for the likes of Jay-Z and more Uhh, other than that, not much else is actually known about this one,[...]
Nearly five months a major casting announcement, Amazon Prime and Academy Award-winning writer/director Jordan Peele (Get Out) are giving viewers their first look at their vengeance-driven Nazi-hunting series Hunters (previously referred to as The Hunt). Based on an original idea but also drawing on real historical events, Hunters follows a diverse band of Nazi Hunters living[...]
Super Sunday Surprise: Jordan Peele Shares New 'Us' Trailer!
A new trailer for Jordan Peele's highly anticipated new horror film Us debuted this afternoon ahead of the Super Bowl The follow-up to Get Out, this film looks completely terrifying He has said in interviews as of late that he was a touch sad about how Get Out wasn't considered by most to be a[...]
Us Poster 2
The trailer for Jordan Peele's Us, the follow-up to Get Out will drop on Christmas Day Us comes into the universe with the highest of expectations because of the team behind the camera Peele is working again with Blumhouse and producer Jason Blum, with Universal distributing Peele confirmed the date of the trailer drop today[...]
Us Jordan Peele Poster
Jordan Peele's next film after the huge success of Get Out is titled Us Not much has been known about the film other than it was happening, and the cast That all changes today however, as the March film's synopsis has been revealed. Peele will again be working with Blumhouse, producer Jason Blum, and releasing through[...]
Marvel Releases UK Teaser Trailer for Avengers: Age Of Ultron – And Teaser Poster (UPDATE)
Then the US teaser trailer went out officially, Now the UK trailer has joined it, along with a teaser poster… [youtube][/youtube] UPDATE: Let's get that right, shall we? So, the UK teaser trailer leaked Then the US teaser trailer went out officially, Now the UK trailer has joined it, along with a teaser poster… [youtube][/youtube] UPDATE: Let's get that[...]
Pro-Pot, Pro-Gay Marriage, Pro-Pit Bull Webcartoonist Gets Elected Democrat Candidate
This is a real comic book creator heading for office. Webcartoonist Nicholas Ivan Ladendorf beat political science teacher Richard Buchli in a Democrat primary for the House of Representatives in Missouri. And he did it by handing out comic books Well, comic illustrations Well, manipulated photographs, quoting from Understanding Comics "Scott McCloud has said it's easier to[...]
US Army Uses X-Men To Recruit
In X-Men: First Class, the US armed forces are portrayed as loyal, dedicated but ultimately mindless autonomatons, doing the bidding of politicians no matter what the consequences, taking the world to the brink of nuclear war, and attacking mutants And at one point there is a comparison between their actions and the Nazi soldier excuse[...]