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Paradox Interactive Reveals Three New Games & Several Updates
Paradox Interactive announced this week that their planned console release for Cities: Skylines II will be taking a step back by a few months The team released a notice this week letting players know that while the PC version of the game is still on track for release, which we know now is October 24,[...]
Paradox Interactive Reveals Three New Games & Several Updates
Paradox Interactive has an all-new deep-dive blog and video for Cities: Skylines II this week as they explore more of the game's photography options The latest blog goes over a lot of the options that you'll have with the game's Camera mode, which ill basically give you the option to practically shoot all kinds of[...]
Paradox Interactive Reveals Three New Games & Several Updates
Paradox Interactive adds another chapter to their weekly deep dive series for Cities: Skylines II, this time focusing on the way your citizens behave Specifically, the team is going over how your citizens need things, and it will be up to you to help provide those things for them in various ways without acting like[...]
Paradox Interactive Reveals Three New Games & Several Updates
Paradox Interactive released another deep-dive blog for Cities: Skylines II this past week, as they talked about the progression system in the game Essentially, this time around, things will be changed up so that milestones can be unlocked as you progress your city from bare-bones town all the way to the metropolis you wish it[...]
Paradox Interactive Reveals Three New Games & Several Updates
Paradox Interactive has released the latest deep dive video and blog this week for Cities: Skylines II, as they look at the economy and production This is basically a look at how your city will survive on a financial level, as the devs have taken the time to look at how you'll produce to keep[...]
Paradox Interactive Reveals Three New Games & Several Updates
Paradox Interactive released another deep dive video and blog for Cities: Skylines II last week, this time going over the seasons and the climate The shorthand to this is that the weather provides its own set of challenges for you when managing the city, as different patterns and climates make it difficult for some people[...]
Paradox Interactive Reveals Three New Games & Several Updates
Paradox Interactive has released their latest deep-dive video for Cities: Skylines II, in which they discuss the maps and themes going into the game Unlike the previous entry, the team has given this one a bit of an overhaul when it comes to the way maps are chosen and designed, as well as the themes[...]
Paradox Interactive Reveals Three New Games & Several Updates
Paradox Interactive released a new deep dive blog and video for Cities: Skylines II last week as the team went more in-depth on Electricity & Water This one feels a little more extensive compared to the previous ones, as you're dealing with two key elements to your city functioning with must-have utilities Without these resources,[...]
Paradox Interactive Reveals Three New Games & Several Updates
Paradox Interactive has released another new video in what appears to be a weekly series of reveals for Cities: Skylines II, this time talking about City Services As your city moves, it needs maintenance and protection This latest video explores all of those aspects and shows you how you'll need to maintain it to make[...]
Paradox Interactive Reveals Three New Games & Several Updates
Paradox Interactive released new information today about Cities: Skylines II, as the latest blog and video go over Zones and Signature Buildings The new blog breaks down the wide range of zone types and signature buildings you can make to create more realistic cities, with a wide range of residential and industrial zones You'll have[...]
Paradox Interactive Reveals Three New Games & Several Updates
Paradox Interactive and developer Colossal Order released a new video for Cities: Skylines II today as they examine cargo transportation and public transit Yes, that's correct, things have gotta get around somehow, and that's part of the fun lesson you'll learn this time around how the team has made those mechanics work in the sequel[...]
Cities: Skylines Reveals Final Expansion & Content Creator Packs
Paradox Interactive has revealed what will be the last pieces of content to come to Cities: Skylines with the last expansion and new content creator packs First off, players will be getting into Hotels & Retreats, which will bring about options for the people visiting your city to shack up temporarily, from the mundane to[...]
Cities: Skylines Reveals Multiple Releases In 2023 Roadmap
Paradox Interactive and developer Colossal Order have revealed the 2023 roadmap for Cities: Skylines, as there is a ton of content on the way The team is adding three new locations around the globe as part of their World Tour: Part 2 expansion set, giving you new Content Creator Packs from Africa, as well as[...]
Cities: Skylines Announced For Next-Gen Consoles
Paradox Interactive and Colossal Order have announced that Cities: Skylines Remastered will be coming to PS5 and Xbox Series X|S The game will officially launch on February 15th, and with it comes a vast array of improvements on the original title that next-gen consoles can stage advantage of This version has been optimized in several[...]
Cities: Skylines - Financial Districts Launches On PC & Consoles
Paradox Interactive has launched a new expansion for Cities: Skylines, as you can play Financial Districts for both PC and console editions As if you couldn't have guessed by the name, this is an investment-focused expansion that will have you bringing up financial institutions throughout your city and making it a bigger area for businesses[...]
Cities: Skylines Will Be Getting Ten World Tour Content Packs
Paradox Interactive and Colossal Order have revealed ten new content packs coming to Cities: Skylines as they are going on a World Tour This will essentially be a series of updates and releases for the game, some free and some paid DLC, which will add different regions from around the globe as options to make[...]
Cities: Skylines Reveals Plazas & Promenades Expansion
Paradox Interactive announced a new expansion coming to Cities: Skylines as players will be getting Plazas & Promenades sometime soon This is more of a pedestrian-themed expansion that will give you a number of places for people to hang out and do their thing, as well as ways for people to get around on foot[...]
Cities: Skylines Announces New Airports Expansion
Paradox Interactive revealed a brand new expansion coming to Cities: Skylines this week, as we'll soon be getting airports added Whether you like them or hate them, airports are a vital aspect of any major city, and now you'll get to deal with it to a degree as this content will introduce you to the[...]
Cities: Skylines Receives Several New Content Packs
During PDXCON Remixed, the dev team revealed they have released several new content packs for people to get in Cities: Skylines In case you have a desire to work with bridges or trains, they have you covered as you can now litter your city with them whenever you'd like Along with a couple of new[...]
"Cities: Skylines" Receives A New DLC Pack With "Modern City Center"
Paradox Interactive has introduced a new DLC pack into Cities: Skylines, as you can now download the Modern City Center set The set basically add 39 unique models from modder Jason "AmiPolizeiFunk" Ditmars, which feature new modern commercial wall-to-wall buildings While the radio addition gives you 16 original songs from DJ Troy Anderson, which are "centered[...]
Cities: Skylines is Going to College with the University Update
If you felt like the massively immersive city building simulator Cities: Skylines was missing out on a big opportunity for higher education, you need wait no longer Paradox Interactive and Colossal Order have announced the next DLC for the game, which is the Campus update to add University life for all your city inhabitants[...]
Romero Games and Paradox Partnering for a New Strategy IP
Brenda Romero and John Romero, known for their successful work with Doom, Quake, Jagged Alliance, and Wizardry 8 are bringing their decades of development expertise to the partnership while Paradox Interactive is bringing their strategy expertise from games like Cities: Skylines, Crusader Kings II, and Stellaris. That said, we know very little about the game or the IP[...]
Cities Skylines has Sold Over Six Million Copies in Four Years
Paradox Interactive and Colossal Order released Cities: Skylines for Windows, MacOS and Linux four years ago on March 10th Since the game's last birthday, the city-builer has sold over a million more copies – which brings it up to more than six million copies sold to-date. In celebration of the anniversary and milestone, Paradox released some interesting and[...]
Cities: Skylines is Available Now on the Nintendo Switch
Paradox Interactive and Tantalus Media used today's Nintendo Direct to announce that Cities: Skylines will be available on the Nintendo Switch The Switch version of Cities: Skylines will retail for an MSRP of $39.99 USD and will be Paradox's first foray into publishing for a portable platform. Originally created by Colossal Order, Cities: Skylines is a more modern take on[...]
Paradox Interactive announced today that the Cities: Skylines Mass Transit expansion is now available on Playstation4, Xbox One and Windows 10 Mass Transit is one of the best-selling expansions for the PC edition of the game, as it puts all sorts of new transit options, systems and scenarios into play Now console players' citizens can commute[...]
Cities: Skylines is now a TeacherGaming Partner
Paradox Interactive announced a partnership with TeacherGaming today in order to launch an educational version of Cities: Skylines The new teaching tool version of the city builder is available for schools world wide through the storefront and as part of the company's game-based learning subscription service, which offers K-12 lesson plans and learning analytics. The educational version[...]
Cities: Skylines Now Lets You Build and Run an Amusement Park
Paradox Interactive and Colossal Order have released the playful Parklife expansion for Cities: Skylines on PC The best-selling city-builder now offers vibrant new parks, playgrounds, zoos, and green spaces Because the biggest thing missing from Cities was your ability to enjoy some RollerCoaster Tycoon style park simulation. The game now has a new park area tool, five new maps, a ton[...]
Cities: Skylines
The Cities: Skylines board game is being designed by Rustan Håkansson, and it's therefore not a whole lot like its older video game sibling This is very much a "spirit of" translation — and that's probably for the best City builders aren't like strategy war games — its not so easy to translate them to a tabletop[...]
Paradox Interactive are Now Publishing Board Games for their Strategy Franchises
Board game versions of Europa Universalis, Hearts of Iron, and Cities: Skylines are to follow. While the creators at Paradox are attempting to capture the strategy and themes of its games in tabletop form, each of the projects is being created by a different board game developer, making them all unique takes on the PC originals. The news was accompanied[...]
Eight Games Revealed for Xbox Game Pass in April
The full lineup that you'll be getting is Robocraft Infinity, Cities: Skylines, theHunter: Call of the Wild, Kingdom: New Lands, Portal Knights, Clustertruck, Sacred Citadel, and Late Shift The one major stipulation to all of this is that Robocraft Infinity won't go live until the game is released on April 11th[...]