Paramount's Rough Monday: World War Z Sequel Pulled Off The Schedule And Kills Friday The 13th Entirely


Horror fans got a twofer in the disappointing news category today as a pair of troubled productions were taken off the release schedule. First, the World War Z sequel,  the creatively-titled World War Z 2. As reported on by Bloody Disgusting, the film was on the release schedule for June 9 of this year. But as films have problems being released without pesky things –  like a cast and a director, that date might have been a bit aggressive. Rumors are that Brad Pitt wants David Fincher to direct the film, replacing Juan Antonio Bayona, who departed as director last year . This felt expected, but hopefully they can get their act together on this, I rather enjoyed the first one. But it may just never happen. There is speculation of just pushing back to 2018 or 2019.


For me and may fans, the more day-ruining news is that Jason is not coming back from the dead again. You wanna talk about a troubled production, this Friday The 13th sequel has been in development hell since the remake came out in 2009. Eight years later, numerous scripts and story ideas, and many directors, it was finally set to go in front of cameras in March for a October 13 release later this year. Breck Eisner (The Crazies) had been hired to direct from a script by Prisoners Aaron Guzikowski. Now, not only has it been taken off the release schedule, but it looks like the whole production has been shut down completely. As a fan, the concept sounded interesting, with the film set to explore Jason's origin and upbringing, including his father Elias. Unlike when Rob Zombie ruined Michael Myers by showing his upbringing when he was always more of a personification of evil, Jason always seemed to have been more of a tragic upbringing and not just an evil spirit. Sadly, as of now, we may never get to see that play out now.

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