[MINOR SPOILERS] The Punisher Season 1: Self-Contained First Episode

This article contains minor spoilers for The Punisher Season 1. It talks about the first episode and not much more.

The first episode of The Punisher Season 1 is likely not what people are going to expect from the series. The beginning is, as we watch Frank Castle (Jon Bernthal) kill various people, but that ends quickly. Instead, we see a Frank that trying to sleep despite the nightmares, working construction, and listening in on group meetings with other veterans. It's rather self-contained, and showrunner Steve Lightfoot spoke to The Tracking Board about why they decided to start off on such an interesting note.

Punisher Season 1

"I always felt there was a version of this where we just picked up where Daredevil left off, where he's just in the middle of this war, taking out more and more mobsters; and we kind of truncated that, put it in the teaser and put that to bed," Lightfoot told Tracking Board. "For me it was about resetting. We followed on from what the guys did on Dardevil, because it was amazing, but at the same time, we reset it and The Punisher became its own show."

They wanted a show that anyone could watch, but they also wanted to reset Frank back to zero. This is what a Frank who isn't the Punisher looks like.

"I just wanted to spend the first episode just with Frank, getting under the skin of this guy. If I can't get the audience into his head early, it would be very hard to take them on this journey with him. So the first episode just became about living and breathing with Frank."

It's an interesting creative decision, even if it's not the beginning people were expecting for The Punisher.

Summary: After the murder of his family, Frank Castle becomes a vigilante known as "the Punisher", who aims to fight crime by any means necessary.

The Punisher, from showrunner Steve Lightfoot, stars Jon Bernthal, Jason R. Moore, Ebon Moss-Bachrach, Michael Nathanson, Jamie Ray Newman, and Amber Rose Revah. It will stream to Netflix on November 17th.

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