The Question Is, Who Was Marc Guggenheim Talking About For Legends?

I've been thinking about what Marc Guggnheim said a few weeks back. He said the new season of Legends would have a character he described like this:

We're drawing on an established character who is not from the comics. Let me be very clear: not original to the show but not from the comics and not from any of the other DC Arrowverse shows.

An established character not from the comics and not from another DC Arrowverse show. That got my brain going. I think what he means is that its a character that didn't originate in the comics, not that they've never been in them. An example of that would be King Tut from the Batman '66 series. I doubt they'll bring King Tut on board the Waverider. But a few other interesting idea came to mind.

harleyquinn27bHarley Quinn was created on Batman the Animated series before being brought to the comics. But I think her being used in the films makes her an obvious no.

Jimmy Olsen was created for the Adventures of Superman radio program before joining the comics. But since he's already on Supergirl, I don't think he counts. Though he is being underused over there.

Then I thought of one that could be a pretty interesting fit on Legends and could be the catalyst for the third season…. The Question.

renee1I know, The Question was created by Steve Ditko for Charlton Comics… but that's Vic Sage. Renee Montoya, the second Question was original introduced in Batman the Animated Series. She became an integral part of the comics, but didn't start there. She could be a really interesting addition to the team.

But… if my assumption is wrong and Guggenheim means it's a character that has never been in the comics then I have one guess… and it may not be a good one.

el_doradoEl Dorado from the Superfriends: The Legendary Super-Powers Show. He has never been in a DC Comic, and he's got an easy to film set of powers… teleportation, telepathy and the ability to cast illusions.

I'm curious to hear some other ideas from our message board.

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