Remake News: Snake Plissken Ready To Escape From New York… Again


We've known for two years that Fox is working on a reboot of the John Carpenter classic originally starring Kurt Russell, Escape From New York. Finally, we have some details on what we can expect from the film, according to an EXXXCLUSIVE report from sandwich-themed Hollywood gossip blog The Wrap. Written by Luther creator Neal Cross, the remake doesn't yet have a release date, director, or cast.  However, if The Wrap's rumormongering turns out to be true, we do know that Snake Plissken has a full name now: Colonel Robert "Snake" Plissken, and the whole thing sort of has the stink of Michael Bay's "Colonel Schrader" all over it.

We also know, or think we know because The Wrap has been wrong before, that the film's antagonist will be "Thomas Newton, the playboy heir to an agrochemical and biotech corporation," and he's armed with a "failsafe device" called a "fat boy." Instead of a literal prison, New York is now basically the same as in real life, a liberal utopia but with even more surveillance, led by a mysterious person named "April." And instead of 22 hours, Snake has just 11 hours to complete his mission.

Well, we suppose they had to change something up if they were going to reboot a classic.

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