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Blade Runner Prop Gun Sells for $41k, Snake Plissken's MAC-10 for $20k
During Profiles In History's auction today a prop blaster from Blade Runner and Snake Plissken's MAC-10 came up. The blaster, of course, is iconic — Harrison Ford's character Rick Deckard uses it to retire replicants past their shelf life It went for $41,100 (USD). The listing for the item read: 960 Harrison Ford "Rick Deckard" prop blaster from Blade Runner. (Warner[...]
Remake News: Snake Plissken Ready To Escape From New York… Again
 However, if The Wrap's rumormongering turns out to be true, we do know that Snake Plissken has a full name now: Colonel Robert "Snake" Plissken, and the whole thing sort of has the stink of Michael Bay's "Colonel Schrader" all over it. We also know, or think we know because The Wrap has been wrong before, that[...]
Fox Gets Rights To Escape From New York
This was a classic film from the 80s with Kurt Russell playing the eye-patch wearing Snake Plissken With Fox just having acquired the rights there has been no talks of writers or directors, but part of the report says that the films original director John Carpenter will be on board as an executive producer. [Source: Latino[...]
Snake Plissken Goes Boom!
This time the publisher has plans for Snake Plissken The new ongoing Escape From New York will be written by Christopher Sebela (High Crimes) with art by Diego Barreto (Irredeemable) as Plissken heads out into the world on the bring of World War III. In the Escape from New York comic, the crime rate in the[...]