Rumour: Nintendo NX To Run On An Android OS

38528-Nintendo-Flying-Cloud-item-box-closed_mediumAs of right now, we don't really know what Nintendo's next console, codenamed NX, is going to look like. There has been a lot of speculation that it will be a console/mobile hybrid, but right now, it remains just that. Speculation.

Well, here is a little more to add onto the pile. Japanese outlet Nikkei are claiming that an "insider" has told them that the new console will be based on an Android OS. This is reportedly due to third parties having a hard time porting games onto the Wii U, so using a more open platform like Android would make that process a lot easier.

It's important to say that if this is true, it doesn't really mean a lot in figuring out what the NX is. Which is to say, this wouldn't dictate if this is a mobile hybrid or not as there has been a real influx of android consoles of late, from the Ouya to the Nvidia Shield.

Still, a more open Nintendo platform could be a formidable prospect and could potentially get the company's system up fighting with the likes of Xbox and PlayStation again… Maybe.