Scream Kicks Off Marketing With the Woodsboro Horror Film Club

There's been a healthy wait time for Scream fans regarding the upcoming fifth film of the franchise, but the first promotional push has officially commenced!

When it comes to the Scream films, a traditional level of secrecy has to be maintained. In fact, the core of the franchise has always been the enticing murder mystery intrigue – trying to determine the face behind the Ghostface masks in each chapter. Because of that, the film's cast and creative team have remained fairly tight-lipped about the upcoming Scream installment; however, the original film's upcoming anniversary will see the film return to theaters with something special for horror fans.

While we eagerly await that October 10 re-release with hope for more about the relaunched Scream, it appears that the team is gearing up to tease more horror soon enough via Facebook. Shared across the Paramount Scream social media accounts, the film has received an official Facebook page titled Woodsboro Horror Film Club with the first and only current post telling its members, "Welcome to the Woodsboro Horror Film Club! We've got some exciting stuff coming your way, so get ready to scream 'til your throat's sore!"

Scream Kicks Off Marketing With the Woodsboro Horror Film Club
Photo Credit: Paramount Pictures – Scream (2022)

As most Scream aficionados are aware, the club's former president and vice president weren't able to continue with activities on account of being a deceased killer and a victim – making this reinvention a welcomed and curious addition. In reference to the events of Scream 4, the page is also listed as being "For all lovers of horror cinema. A sanctioned after-school activity, one rung below the Glee Club – and we know a thing or two about scary movies."

Considering that the film is just a few months away from its January release, this is a step in the right direction to establish what Woodsboro looks like over a decade since the last murders took place.

Scream will arrive in theaters starting January 14, 2022.

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