Mason Gooding Shares Details on His Scream Casting Process

Mason Gooding has found himself in one of the most anticipated horror events in years with the upcoming Scream continuation – which involves his own passion for the franchise.

It was just recently confirmed that Scream had wrapped and is now awaiting its January 2022 release, with the fifth chapter often described as an in-continuity relaunch. That presumably entails returning cast members and maintaining the previous story, but with the intention of setting up a new generation as well. Scream 4 used that moment to fake out viewers and killed the entire next-gen of Scream, but the upcoming film will likely establish something to continue on with future sequels.

Scream 5 Now Titled "Scream", Filming Has Wrapped Up Already
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In a new interview with Gooding over at Boys By Girls, Gooding opened up about how he became involved in acting as well as how that entailed a full circle experience, telling the magazine, "Halfway through college, I started working as an actor and dropped out. However, those years at NYU were essential in making me who I am. I met one of my best friends there, and one of the papers I wrote in college was part of the audition process in the upcoming Scream movie, which I'm in." The actor continued, "When I met the directors, I mentioned that I had written an essay on Scream, and they asked if they could read it. I sent it along – and now, I'm in the movie."

When later asked about what he can say about his involvement with the film, Gooding understandably stated, "I can't share much, to put it bluntly. That's how seriously they take the secretiveness of the Scream franchise. I can tell you that it's a movie, it's spooky and it's called Scream. And I'm in the fucking thing!"

It's that kind of passion that Scream fans can appreciate, so getting to see how that love will translate on-screen with his character Chad Meeks (yes, fans are already acutely aware of the connection) will be another exciting addition.

Scream hits theaters on January 14, 2022.

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