Sega Won't Be On The E3 Show Floor For The First Time Ever


Sega have been in a bad way for a while. The company recently let off 300 of its workers and announced it was stopping production of console games in favor of mobile and PC titles.

That is why it isn't surprising to see the company bowing out of E3 this year. Game Informer got the report that says the once great publisher has decided to skip the party this year.

While not a shock, this is significant. This is the first time Sega have missed an E3. Ever. The company has been a mainstay on the show floor since 1995, so it's sad to see a brand that has provided a lot of memories just fall short of their 20th anniversary at the show.

I do hope Sega find a way to pull everything back together eventually. The games industry is better with them.