Separated At Birth: Tiger Mask W Anime And WWE Wrestlers Charlotte Flair And Becky Lynch

Tiger Mask W is a new anime series, launched in October of 2016, that follows up on the Tiger Mask manga series by Ikki Kajiwara and Naoki Tsuji, which itself inspired a real life pro wrestler called Tiger Mask, leading New Japan Pro Wrestling to launch a new Tiger Mask W wrestler (played by Kota Ibushi) to coincide with Toei's launch of the new Tiger Mask W anime. Still keeping up? Okay, good. You can explain it to us later.

Anyway, Tiger Mask W has revealed some new characters on Twitter:

Translated poorly by Twitter, that roughly reads:

[Introduction of new characters! : Tomorrow 1/7 (Saturday) late-night broadcasts from 4: 30 of active in the 13-episode professional wrestler! Sheltered look good in blonde Queen (VOICED by: Ai Maeda) and red hair Petite wrestler pane (CV: AI Nagano), show us what fight?! Stay tuned!

As noticed by astute wredditors at /r/SquaredCircle, those two new characters…





…appear to bear a resemblance to two of WWE's most popular superstars, Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch:



Of course, here in the column formerly known as Swipe File, Bleeding Cool cannot possibly say whether Tiger Mask W is inspired by these real life wrestlers. You can, however, by voting in the poll and telling us if this is a Swipe, Homage, or Coincidence!


Separated At Birth: Tiger Mask W And WWE's Charlotte Flair And Becky Lynch - Swipe, Homage, Or Coincidence?

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