"Spoil-Jihadis" Take Down Star Wars Facebook Page

avatar_039413512f40_128Del Rey have taken down their Star Wars Books Facebook page. And it's all down to the The Alliance to Preserve the Expanded Universe whose plans to spoil the new Star Wars movie The Force Awakens Bleeding Cool first exposed a few days ago, before every other media organisation on the planet seemed to pick up the story.

Del Rey tells us,

You may have noticed that the Star Wars Books Facebook page has disappeared. First off, yes this was intentional. The page was not hacked and it was not deleted. It has been deactivated, which means that it is hidden from public view.

Why is it gone? Simple – we don't want to contribute to anyone spoiling The Force Awakens. Very recently, some individuals began posting comments on our page purporting to spoil major events in The Force Awakens. We had previously asked that people refrain from spoiling the film on our page, as we have a large fan base from all over the world, who will all be seeing the film at different times. As excited as we always are about discussing Star Wars, we firmly believe that everyone has the right to experience the film in whatever manner they desire.

Some individuals decided not to respect that request. While we quickly removed those comments, even if they were present for only 2 minutes – that is 2 minutes too long. Facebook doesn't have more adequate tools for moderating comments (filters are helpful, but not foolproof), so we made the decision to simply unpublish the page.

We don't want to give people who wish to spoil the movie for others a platform to do that and we are under no obligation to do so.

Does that mean the terrorists have won?

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