'Star Wars' Tribute To 'Labyrinth' Cut From 'Rise of Skywalker'

Star Wars fans have a complaint, well, lots of complaints about the sequel trilogy of films, but one of the chief ones is the lack of an abundance of creatures. The Rise of Skywalker had some creatures, including Babu Frik, but one bigger creature that was cut form the film would have had special meaning for Jim Henson fans. Neal Scanlan, who worked on creature effects for all three sequel films, helped create a tribute to Ludo, Jennifer Connelly's giant friend from Labyrinth. You can see the creature, who was to be found on Kijimi in the Star Wars film, below:

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"I worked on Sir Didymus during Labyrinth, and I remember watching the character, Ludo, being built," remembers Scanlan, referring to the hulking, but kind-hearted furry giant that becomes a "fwend" of Jennifer Connelly's heroine during the course of her adventure. I remember Ludo coming together, and Jim seeing him. When it came time to do Star Wars The Rise of Skywalker, I said, 'Why don't we do a version of that?'.

To my knowledge, he didn't make the movie," Scanlan says, but allows that eagle-eyed viewers might spot him somewhere in the background. "He may be in the Kijimi bar momentarily. If he is, some fan might pick up on it, and say, 'Oh, that looks like Ludo.' And they'd be right! He was envisaged the same way and performed in exactly the same way, because that technology was amazing in its day and still is, in my opinion."

Scanlon is not ruling out that the creature could make an appearance in another Star Wars…something though. Maybe the Cassian Andor Disney+ series he is currently working on?

"We always have a little backstory of our own for every character we make — it gives us a bit of a giggle. So it would be wonderful for my crew's work to be seen, because everyone puts so much of their life into it. My hope is that in the worlds we go to visit and the stories we hope to cover, some of these characters that we haven't seen, or have seen only a small amount, will have a legitimate role in the storytelling process. It won't just be a case of bringing them back for the sake of bringing them back; it also happens that it's the right timeline, and the right location."

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