Take A Look At The First Screenshots From Total War: Warhammer

Thus far, we've only seen a cinematic trailer for Total War: Warhammer. The promise of the fantasy world in the Total War framework is exciting though and Creative Assembly have proven to be masters of their own formula when it comes to huge-scale strategy games.

We don't have any news of gameplay yet sadly, but today we've been given a glimpse of the title through a series of screenshots. I would have thought that we would we will see the game in motion come E3, but these photos are quite impressive in the meantime. I really can't wait to see what Creative Assembly do with this license.

total_war_warhammer_screen_1-1152x648 total_war_warhammer_screen_2-1152x648 total_war_warhammer_screen_3-1152x648 total_war_warhammer_screen_4-1152x648 total_war_warhammer_screen_5-1152x648 total_war_warhammer_screen_6-1152x648