The Six Important Moments From Agents Of SHIELD – The Frenemy Of My Enemy

*** This article contains spoilers for the latest episode of Agents Of SHIELD ***


As we get closer to the season finale of Marvel's Agents of SHIELD, things are starting to build to a head and Hydra is being brought back into the mix which may tied into the opening of Avengers: Age Of Ultron. Here we have all the different forces at play converging into one building in Milwaukee, WI.

1) Leo Fitz continues to get back to where he was before Grant Ward nearly killed him and Jemma Simmons. With the help of Lance Hunter, he is able to lose the tail that the Real SHIELD put on him and meet up with Phil Coulson and give him Nick Fury's Toolbox. Fitz says he's ready for whatever they need to do next… which he may regret saying as the next thing Coulson wants to do is to make a deal with Ward to get access to Hydra.

2) Meanwhile Simmons comes clean to Melinda May about Fitz having the toolbox. May tells the others but frames it in a way that it was Fitz who took it and not Simmons who gave it to him. This keeps Simmons active but she feels betrayed by May. She is asked to hack into Deathlok's camera feed so they can see what Coulson is up to. She agrees, hoping it will clear Coulson. You can tell already that this is not going to end well.

3) Jiaying is playing on sending Cal Zabo away because the longer he is in Afterlife the more problems he poses. Skye worries that when they dump him off, he will get angry and hurt others. She decides to go with him to his old home in Milwaukee to make the transition easier as he still doesn't know. Once there she calls into SHIELD to get them to come pick up Cal before he hurts anyone and ends up talking to May. This leads Bobbi Morse and Alphonso 'Mack' Mackenize heading off after her. This puts Skye, Cal, the Inhumans and the Real SHIELD in place.

4) Coulson tracks down Agent 33 and uses her to bring Ward in to talk. He offers Ward a free pass, after going through the mind-wiping from the T.A.H.I.T.I. protocol. Ward agrees but is only playing along and has his own agenda. He brings in the brain-washed Sunil Bakshi to get them to the new heads of Hydra, Baron Von Strucker and Dr. List. They send Bakshi and Deathlok in to meet with List on a plane. Bakshi offers Deathlok up as a gift, not part of the plan, but Ward convinces them to play along. Seems Hydra has figured out a way to track Gordon's teleportations and List is told that one just happened, so they take off with Deathlok on board for Milwaukee… Coulson and team follow in the Quinjet. Now everyone is headed for the same place.

5) As we arrive at the building owned by Cal we learn that his real last name is Johnson… for comic fans this completes the whole Quake / Daisy Johnson thing… They find out that Luke has been following them and Cal figures out he's being dumped and gets upset. But before he can get too upset about that, Hydra arrives and Cal tries to protect his daughter. And then SHIELD arrives and you end up with Ward and Coulson working together, Deathlok fighting Luke. Hunter being shot but helped by Agent 33 all building to three important moments… Simmons turning on Deathlok's feed in time to see Coulson and Ward together, Hydra making off with Deathlok and Luke and Coulson seeing Skye but having her and Cal transported away by Gordon before he can get to her. This went about as bad as possible for Coulson as he scrambles to figure out what to do next.

6) We end with Bobbi and Mack arriving late to the building and walking through until they discover Coulson waiting for them. He surrenders and asks to be taken to their leaders. Nice shocking ending except one question comes to mind… is that really Coulson? It could be Agent 33 in disguise.

This episode feels like a quick ramp up after having been moving very slowly. I'm guess whatever happens next week will directly tie into Avengers: Age Of Ultron… like maybe the show will discover where Strucker's base is and then the Avengers go and get him. Either way I'm sure the film will have its effect on the series and then we'll have three episodes to deal with the fall out. Either way it looks like their getting the band back together next week.


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