The Six Important Moments From Arrow – Al Sah-Him

*** This articles contains spoilers for the most recent episode of Arrow ***


Last night's Arrow brought us quite a few surprises and the fallout from last weeks decision. This episode not only keeps us moving quickly towards the season finale, but it also helps set up the villain for season four. And it looks like we are going to get one more hero into costume next week. Here are the six important moments from Al Sah-Him.

1) We start with a quiet moment at the Diggle household where John Diggle, Lyla Michaels, Thea Queen and Felicity Smoak have dinner and talk about things like machine guns, John needing a costume and how Thea feels about Oliver being gone. Its basically a mourning scene and setting up the new normal for the show which gets shattered quickly. It also sets Thea on her path to becoming something else. The scene is done again in a sense with Laurel Lance and Nyssa having dinner and the subject of Oliver as Ra's new heir comes up.

2) Oliver Queen has been in Nanda Parbat for three weeks where he has been trained, drugged and brain washed into being Al Sah-Him and Heir To The Demon. He is given a test where he is supposed to kill Diggle and does so without hesitation. Turns out it wasn't Diggle of course. But this leads to Ra's al Ghul believing he is ready. Ra's takes Oliver to a burned down city where he explains that he had a rival named Damien Darhk who Ra's was told to kill, but he hesitated and Darhk escaped with some of the Lazurus Pit water. Darhk started his own organization… H.I.V.E.… and is behind a lot of the things that Oliver has had to deal with including who wanted to buy Malcolm Merlyn's earthquake machine and why Andy Diggle was killed. Oh… and Ra's wants Oliver to kill Nyssa.

3) Oliver and the League of Assassins head back to Starling City and Nyssa knows they are coming. Oliver goes after her alone and beats her, but Diggle and Black Canary show up. We get to see the Canary Cry in action for the first time (thanks to Cisco Ramon) and Oliver bails instead of fighting his friends. This freaks out the team, that Oliver has changed so much in such a short time. Thea and Felicity both see this on camera and are devastated. But they still expect him to think like Oliver and they are unprepared for his next move

4) Oliver has Lyla Michaels taken to use as bait to bring out Nyssa. Diggle loses it. He is ready to turn Nyssa over to save his wife. Laurel of course is the one saying they can't do that and have to find another way to save Lyla. Meanwhile Lyla tries to guilt Oliver, but he doesn't even try to justify his actions. The meet happens and they sneak guns in on Felicity. This leads to a fight. Oliver versus Diggle, Matseo verus Nyssa, Laurel versus the League and it goes badly for Team Arrow. Oliver looks like he is about to kill Diggle for real this time when he gets an arrow in the arm shot by Thea. Oliver and the League leave with Nyssa.

5) It looks like Thea may be on a path to becoming Speedy, putting on a costume and taking of the family vigilante business… then there is a twist. Felicity comes along and tells her, "Sorry, things got busy and I forgot to let you know that Roy Harper is still alive"… okay, that's more of a paraphrase than a quote… but she gives Thea the number to call Roy and says she can start a new life with him if she wants. So we get to the point where she is in a hood with a bow (she did archery when she was younger) and then she is given a possible out.

6) Nyssa is brought before her father where he reclaims something she stole and tells Oliver to kill her. Just as Oliver is about to do so, Ra's stops him and says he basically has a better idea… he wants Oliver and Nyssa to wed (like Bruce and Talia) to produce heirs. The Batman part of the series is still in full force. Oh, and the object Nyssa had stolen is the Alpha and Omega vial that Ra's wants Oliver to use to destroy Starling City… as it's a tradition to destroy your home city before becoming the Demon's Head.

Bonus) This wasn't in the episode but rather the trailer for next week. We've been watching Tatsu Yamashiro (Rila Fukushima) regularly in the flashbacks working with Matseo and Oliver trying to stop General Shriver. We also saw her in modern day when Matseo saved Oliver and took him to Tatsu to be healed. But now, the character looks to be getting her costume. Tatsu is of course the DC character Katana and it looks like she's going to be wearing something very New 52-ish next week when they all go to Nanda Parbat.

So one thing we learned here is that Damien Darhk is the head of H.I.V.E. and that will likely be our big baddie for next season. And the flashbacks now full tie into current storyline with the Alpha and Omega. And how will Matseo feel about using the exact same virus that killed his son on a city full of innocent people? Hey, it looks like Starling City is going to be in danger again for the season finale… I love traditions.


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