The Six Important Moments From The Flash – Grodd Lives

*** This articles contains spoilers for the most recent episode of The Flash ***


The latest episode of The Flash, Grodd Lives, revealed more big things that the show had been building towards and there are still two more episodes left after this. And after seeing what takes place in the penultimate episode, I'm starting to think that the season finale is going to be Cisco Ramon and Ray Palmer sitting around making up super-villain names because everything else will be tied up. Here are the six important moments from this weeks episode:

1) Iris West now knows that Barry Allen is the Flash and walks in to STAR Labs (what happened to security?) as Barry is being looked over by Caitlin Snow while still in the Flash uniform. She is angry that Barry lied. She's angry that Joe West lied. She would be angry at Eddie Thawne for lying if he wasn't being held by a super-villain. The one thing the executive producers really like doing is getting the whole secret identity thing out of the way. I think the only one who doesn't know now is Captain Singh.

2) Speaking of Eddie, he is spending some quality time with his great-great-great-whatever, Eobard Thawne / Harrison Wells. We find out that the Thawne lineage is bright and full of important people, except for Eddie. He's the one Thawne that is basically forgotten. Which makes me wonder if there is more to it than that as history completely forgetting someone seems odd… unless someone wants to be forgotten. Oh, and Eobard pulls the dick move of showing Eddie he doesn't even end up with Iris, showing him the Iris West-Allen bi-line on the future newspaper. You really shouldn't mess with your elders like that.

3) They guy in the gold/yellow mask that folks thought might be Checkmate, he turned out to be General Eiling under the mind control of Grodd. Eiling's turn as a meat puppet ended up doing two things, it gave Team Flash the chance to talk to Grodd for the first time which lead them to the sewers… but more importantly it basically gave The Flash and Eiling a connection. The both want to stop Wells. The enemy of my enemy is still a jerk but I might need him later.

4) All of this builds up to one of the most anticipated moments in the series. The Flash vs. Grodd. Sure it also involved Cisco and Joe going with Barry into the sewers and Joe being scared as hell and Barry being taken out by Grodd's telepathy. And that cool moment when Joe offers Grodd a banana. But the Flash punching Grodd at superspeed and then using a subway car to take him out was kind of cool.

5) With Wells gone, everyone on the team doubts their own ability. But they all stepped up and did what had to be done to defeat Grodd. Cisco and Caitlin were fine without Wells guidance and Iris stepped up and was the voice of encouragement for Barry when it was needed. Team Flash survived the loss of Wells… now how STAR Labs is still up and running without him paying the bills I don't know.

6) At the end of the episode, Wells finishes building what he calls the key. He then goes up the ladder and put the device into a hole and things light up. I'm thinking that he is in the particle accelerator and that it would be a perfect place for a speedster to run fast enough to travel through time. This would also mean that Wells has been hiding below STAR Labs since taking Eddie.

Bonus) The bonus scene isn't in the episode, it's in the trailer for next week. Oliver Queen shows up in his League of Assassins gear. Now I don't think Barry had a line to him in Nanda Parbat, so him showing up next week tells us that either he is not doing the Al Sah-Him thing after this week or the last two episodes of Arrow are supposed to take place before next week's Flash which I don't think they would do that.

So next week is Rogue Air and includes a visit from the Arrow and Firestorm. Again, what are they going to have left for the season finale?


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