Total War: Warhammer Likely Leaked Before Announcement

warhammer-fantasy-art-710x310In 2012, the Creative Assembly signed a deal with the Games Workshop to make multiple games using the Warhammer name. At the time, Sega said that the Total War developer would be working on 'Fantasy' battles, suggesting that the studio would be staying away from the 40K variety of orcs and humans.

Well, it looks like that promise might be coming to fruition finally as the title has been referenced for the first time out in the open. This comes from the Total War Center forums (Via Eurogamer) where user StormOfRazors posted this photo of an extract from The Art of Total War, which they got sent early. If you read you will see the reference to Total War: Warhammer.


For those of you who didn't spot it, it says:

…and taking the series to a fantasy setting with Total War: Warhammer.

I can get behind this. I've never been a huge Warhammer guy, but it will be fun to see Creative Assembly spread their wings a little and produce a fantasy based game. Total War: Medieval 2 has some great mods that work for alternate settings, but I'm going to watch with a keen eye to see what the studio delivers from in house.