Trump Advisor and Marvel Chairman Ike Perlmutter Annexes 3700 Acre Hawaiian Naval Base For Revenge-Fueled Inhumans TV Project

Ike Perlmutter Captured on CNBC

Marvel Entertainment will be placing the headquarters for their upcoming television show, Marvel's The Inhumans, on the 3700 acre site of a former U.S.naval base in Hawaii, according to a report from the Pacific Business News. Originally planned as a feature film, Marvel's push of The Inhumans as an alternative to the far more popular X-Men has been the person project of Marvel Chairman Ike Perlmutter, who was personally offended by the fact that Fox purchased the movie and television rights to the X-Men. The reclusive billionaire's feud with Fox, who also own the movie rights to The Fantastic Four, has included cancelling Fantastic Four comics, reducing the prominence of the characters in Marvel's comics, and disallowing any merchandise or licensed products featuring either group.

Things have changed, however, since Fox began developing the television show Legion, as well as an upcoming untitled X-Men TV show and a rumored X-Men cartoon later this year. Marvel has reportedly been working with Fox on these projects, leading to an easing of tensions between Fox and Perlmutter. However, as one feud ended, another began, as Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige successfully lobbied to remove Marvel's movie-making division out from under the tight control of Perlmutter and his Marvel Creative Committee. As the opening salvo in a Marvel civil war, Feige cancelled the Inhumans movie, but Perlmutter, turning his ire toward his former colleague, fired back when Marvel announced that The Inhumans would become a TV show, with the first two episodes airing in Imax movie theaters as a de facto movie born of revenge and forged in spite.

In addition to his feuds with rival entertainment companies, rival executives in his own company, as well as a bizarre feuds with billionaire neighbor Harold Peerenboom which involved both the alleged theft of DNA and the alleged sending of pedophilia letters to local residents and anti-semitic letters to prisoners, Ike Perlmutter has also recently joined the Donald Trump presidential administration as an advisor on veterans affairs. Perlmutter, who donated $1 million to a Trump campaign charity event designed to upstage the Republican primary debate, has been photographed at least three times since Trump took office, has ridden with the president on Air Force One, and recently attended a veterans affairs listening post to which actual veterans affairs groups were not invited. Ike's wife, Laura Perlmutter, donated $500,000 to Trump's campaign, and also served on his transition team. Marvel, whose comics have been as progressive as the mass-produced consumer products of a multi-national corporation whose creative staff are 84% male can be, has recently been rumored to be planning a "meat and potatoes" style relaunch that will return to promoting the original white male versions of superheroes who have been supplanted in recent years by legacy characters of more diverse backgrounds.

So if you were wondering whether the headline of this article was all hyperbole, the answer, sadly is no.

According to the Pacific Business News, the production is expected to create $80 million to $100 million in jobs annually for the area, on par with the productions of shows like Lost, and in fact Lost co-executive producer Jean Higgens will be the producer on the scene in Hawaii. Marvel's The Inhumans is expected to premiere in September.


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