The Walking Dead Donating Props And Sets To Smithsonian

Ray Flook is on the ground at New York Comic Con and reporting in from The Walking Dead panel:

The Walking Dead Donating Props And Sets To Smithsonian

During The Walking Dead's panel at New York Comic Con, showrunner Greg Nicotero said that the wildly popular zombie series would be donating a range of items to the Smithsonian Institution this upcoming Tuesday, October 10th. Nicotero, while not specifically saying what would be included in the donation, did say that the items would represent items spanning the show's 100 aired episodes.

The Smithsonian's myriad divisions also includes a Popular Entertainment section of the Natural Museum of American History. Part of the Popular Entertainment's collection includes such diverse items as the original television model of the U.S.S. Enterprise from the 1966-1969 original series of Star Trek, the swamp set from M*A*S*H, the Ruby Slippers from The Wizard Of Oz, and hundreds of thousands of other artifacts, photos, sets, and recordings spanning the history of the large and small screens.

The wild popularity of the series continues to maintain its role in contemporary popular culture. For his part, the original comic's creator Robert Kirkman has insisted that he knows exactly how The Walking Dead will end — but the current word is that he hasn't clued in the television series writers and showrunners on where things are heading.

For now, The Walking Dead is heading into its Season 8 opener later this month on October 22nd and airs on AMC.

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