Warren Ellis' Gravel Movie Gets New Screenwriters And Director Tim Miller

Warren Ellis' Gravel Movie Gets New Screenwriters And Director Tim MillerLinda Ge writes for Bleeding Cool.

Deadline and Warren Ellis himself have revealed that VFX guru Tim Miller will direct the big screen adaptation of Ellis' comic book series Gravel for Legendary Pictures.

Gravel tells the story of William Gravel, a British Special Air Service member who is also a Combat Magician, one who dabbles in dark magic and battles supernatural beings for clients to make extra money. Gravel first appeared in Avatar's limited series Strange Kiss and its sequels Stranger Kisses and Strange Killings, before landing his own self-titled ongoing series in 2007.

No plot details for the film are yet available, but whether the film is an origin tale or drops us right into the middle of Gravel's shenanigans, given Miller's previous work – the eye popping title sequence for The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo for example – we expect it will be visually stunning.

While my fellow Bleeding Cool contributor Ellis originally wrote a first draft of the film and had plans to be the screenwriter, Deadline reports it is now Oliver Butcher and Stephen Cornwell who will taking screenwriting duties, while Ellis will stay on board as an executive producer.

"My relationship with Legendary has grown since we made the initial deal a couple of years ago," says Ellis. "All is good", adding "and I've known Tim for years.  This is basically the best news."

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