Why A Cloverfield Sequel is the Perfect Next Step for the Franchise

What once started as a found footage monster movie in 2008 (Cloverfield) became a box-office hit, with a faithful following that eventually sparked two expanded-universe sequels (10 Cloverfield Lane and Cloverfield Paradox) — connecting the film in a cataclysmic event.

Though each film has its own direction that provides a new spin on the Cloverfield name, the first film has become genre royalty, so there has always been hope that we would return to that particular timeline. With confirmation that there will be a Cloverfield 2 — why is a sequel the best move for the franchise?

The ingenious ARG campaign can continue.

When Cloverfield was announced, we were granted access to little tidbits of marketing-related expansions to the Cloverfield world — including companies like Slusho! Tagruato, and T.I.D.O. Wave, all presenting information through ARG format to make fans feel as immersed in the mysterious lore of the inner-workings of companies involved in the incident from '08.

Fans went as far as examining every square-inch of websites for messages (which were sometimes located). The suspense that it created has led fans to speculate about every detail possible. Films like Overlord or Underwater were even convincingly questioned about being connected to the Cloververse, so by returning in an official capacity, there's no doubt in my mind that the Cloverfield ARG campaign will return to some degree. Though with that being said, there isn't a genuine need for a discreet campaign, it would just be a nice nod to those who have kept the franchise alive by exploring scenarios for over a decade.

Post-"Hammerdown" and Central Park

Aside from the character relationships and looming monster-threat, a large portion of the film leads up to the event that is the government's attempt to kill the creature dubbed Clover. The Hammerdown protocol is the code name for a massive airstrike on the beast, with the film's last two surviving characters taking shelter in under a bridge in Central Park — which the film notes the tape was found in the area "formerly" known by that name.

A True Cloverfield Sequel is in the Works
Cloverfield Poster. Credit: Paramount Pictures

We know that the events of the film didn't result in the complete death of Clover, so it would be fun to see what comes next. Regardless of if it's moments later, or a year after the first attack, getting to see either a larger Clover or mother Clover, fans of the franchise are eager to see follow that initial storyline. I'd even be excited for a Rob, Beth, and or Lily role to bring things full circle — so I'm dying to know where Cloverfield 2 could take these stories.

Same story, new direction

Every time a proper sequel for Cloverfield has been a conversation, there's always the debate of following found-footage because it worked so well or ditching it entirely. I have wavered on the ideal scenario, but it has since been reported that this Cloverfield sequel could be scrapping the found-footage format.

If that's the case, we could actually get a true expansion to the world without the limitations of a character's knowledge on the events — setting up more Clover scenes and the effect it has had on a much larger scale. Since we've waited for 13 years, this is probably the most rewarding idea for fans who have patiently awaited the return of Cloverfield.

Now that we can all collectively share our joy for Cloverfield 2, what are you hoping to see for the official sequel?

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