Wonder Woman's Comic Book Easter Eggs

Any time we get a new Comic Book movie, there is always discussions about the Easter Eggs and Wonder Woman is no different. There are already multiple videos on line focusing on the Easter Eggs that appeared in the film. But DC All-Access has released an Easter Egg video that goes much deeper, finding multiple ties to Wonder Woman's early appearances that I think even hardcore comic fans might have missed.

Of course the video is also chock full of SPOILERS, so if you haven't seen the film then don't watch the video.

I'll make some spoilery commentary below the video.

The things I found interesting were how many ties there were to the original Sensation Comics #1 and All-Star Comics #8 including the poison that destroys gas masks, the barroom brawl and references to dialogue from the issue like Amazons knowing many languages and Steve Trevor calling her an Angel. Others like the look of Ares, him appearing in windows and the ice cream scene were also great nods to source material, but recent enough that more fans would've picked up on them.

I can imagine the screenwriters working with copies of the Wonder Woman Archives and George Perez's run sitting on their desk.

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