WWE Celebrates Dinosaurs Day With 10 Amazing Photos Of Superstars Wrestling Dinosaurs

First of all, we'd like to state up front that we are not making this up. Today, August 2, is Dinosaurs Day (one of several annual Dinosaur-related holidays, as far as we can tell), and to commemorate this holiday, WWE has photoshopped ten photos of its wrestlers fighting dinosaurs.

Many of WWE's ungrateful fans, sadly, don't see these photos for the genuine cultural treasures they are:





Though some people get it:

And some people really get it:

Obviously, these are going to become the new stock photos we use whenever we need to write a story about any of the wrestlers pictured. That means we need to upload them to the site anyway, so we figured, you should probably be aware that these exist and see them for yourselves.

So here it is. WWE Superstars wrestling dinosaurs. It's everything you imagined it could be.

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