WWE Superstar Enzo Amore Wants To Fight Connor McGregor If McGregor Beats Floyd Mayweather

WWE Superstar Enzo Amore may have taken one too many bumps on the head. The "certified G" took to Twitter yesterday to issue a challenge to MMA star Connor McGregor if McGregor wins his fight against boxing legend Floyd Mayweather Jr.. The matchup between the undefeated Mayweather (82-0) and McGregor (24-3) will be contested under boxing rules, putting UFC Lightweight Champion outside his element. However, both fighters are expected to make around $100 million for the event, which could break records for PPV buys and will certainly be one of the most lucrative fights of all time (Mayweather will earn more than McGregor for the fight). So even if McGregor loses, he still wins.

But Enzo Amore, one half of WWE tag team Enzo and Cass, seems to think McGregor, a notorious trash talker who has bashed pro wrestlers in the past, is a chump. Amore told McGregor that Mayweather is sure to beat him in the fight, and if he doesn't, Amore will finish what Mayweather started:

Amore may think that McGregor is S-A-W-F-T SAAAAAWFT, but Amore has a hard time winning even many of the staged fights he competes in at WWE. In a fight against McGregor, Amore would more likely be a "bonafide dud."

McGregor, shockingly, has yet to respond to the challenge. His fight with Mayweather will take place on August 26.

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