Wynonna Earp And Why You Shouldn't Handcuff Yourself To A Briefcase

It has to be one of the worst ideas in the world. taking an important item, putting it into a locked briefcase and then cuffing it to your wrist. You are just begging someone to cut off your hand. It happens in movies and TV shows all the time. It's a plot device as old as having someone cut through an alley after being told not to… they're going to get attacked. Seems Wynonna Earp is not above tapping into that same trope as the scene below shows a guy going into a restaurant, asking for the bathroom key and then taking a pastry with him. Who takes a pastry to the bathroom? Anyway, he then waits in the back as he must know he's being followed… one the two people show up and attack, he's waiting with a pool cue. But he isn't expecting two people, gets pinned down and guess what? They cut off his hand. There should be a warning label on those kind of briefcases – "warning, likely to lose hand to evil henchmen through use of device".

Wynonna Earp airs Fridays on Syfy.

Video is a bit gory and probably NSFW

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