You Can Own A Pair Of The Beasts Ears From X3: The Last Stand

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Say what you will about X3, and many of us have, but one thing you have to admit is that the make-up department did a great job, especially when it came to Beast, as played by Kelsey Grammar in the film. I still think that they nailed that casting, and it is surreal to think that Frasier played Beast in an X-Men film. Nuts. The rest of X3 is not very good at all, but for those who are into collecting superhero props, you can own something pretty sweet from that third mutant film: Beast's ears. A pair of screen used ones are up for auction right now at Comic Connect, part of Event Auction #44, and taking bids for another day or so. They are currently sitting at only $150 and come in a really nice shadowbox and everything. You can check em out below.

You Can Own A Pair Of The Beasts Ears From X3: The Last Stand
X3 Beast Ears. Credit Comic Connect

Who Wouldn't Want A Pair Of Beast Ears From X3?

"The Beast (Kelsey Grammar) ear appliances as used in X3 X-Men The Last Stand (20th Century Fox, 2006). These ear appliances were created for use in X-Men The Last Stand to be used by Kelsey Grammar in his portrayal of Hank McCoy, aka The Beast. Grammar underwent a transformation to become the furry blue Beast, and multiple sets of each appliance was created for the production. The ears measure 4.25" x 2.5" each and are in excellent condition. Professionally housed in a display with a COA."

So how about that? X-Men cinematic history, right there for the taking. You can go here to place a bid on the X3 prop, and while you are there, you can check out all of the other items up for auction and taking bids over the next few days, including figures, comics, art, Pokemon cards, and more.

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