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New Star Wars Book Looks Beneath the Hood of Classic Ships

New "Star Wars" Book Looks Beneath the Hood of Classic Ships

On November 12th Rebel Starfighters Owners' Workshop Manual  will be released by Haynes Publishing and Insight Editions. These are the same people behind the highly entertaining Millennium Falcon Owners' Workshop Manual and TIE Fighter Owners' Workshop Manual. This time around, the creative team behind the book is taking a deep-dive into what makes the star-fighters of the […]

Star Wars: Resistance Reborn &#8211 Wedge Antilles Is Back And #SpaceMarried

"Star Wars: Resistance Reborn" – Wedge Antilles Is Back! And #SpaceMarried

It's time to put on your jumpsuit, grab your helmet, call your R2 unit, and warm up your X-Wing. Rogue Leader is back! Rebel hero and Resistance General Wedge Antilles is headed back to the Star Wars Universe. Del Rey Star Wars has announced that Wedge Antilles will be featured in Resistance Reborn, a Star Wars […]