Collider Acquires Pro Wrestling Sheet, Will Hire Team to Produce More Clickbait

There's been a major shift in the pro wrestling "news" landscape this week as physics-themed entertainment news site Collider has purchased Pro Wrestling Sheet, the upstart wrestling dirt sheet founded by former TMZ producer Ryan Satin. Collider announced the news on their own website today, the first of many scoops we're sure will come in the wake of the acquisition.

Since debuting the site, Satin has broken a number of wrestling stories. But scoops don't pay the bills in the 24-hour entertainment news cycle, so Collider revealed plans to hire "a news team tasked with producing daily audio and video content, as well as more of the fact-checked news that fans have come to expect from the wrestling news website." It's kind of like how Bleeding Cool hired reporters like Jude Terror to supplement Rich Johnston's comics gossip with an endless supply of articles about the Snyder Cut of Justice League.

"I've envisioned Pro Wrestling Sheet partnering with a company like Collider since day one," said Satin, admitting he was always in it for the money. "Collider not only understands my vision for the site, but also has a deep knowledge of what it takes to help a blog such as mine grow into a full-blown international news website. I'm incredibly excited to join the Collider team and continue growing Pro Wrestling Sheet into the most trusted source for wrestling news on the internet."

Of course, being the "most trusted source for wrestling news on the internet" is an accomplishment in the same sense that being the least incompetent or outright evil member of Donald Trump's cabinet is (hi, Linda McMahon!). But we get what he's saying.

"We couldn't have picked a better brand to begin the expansion of the Collider Cryptomedia Network," said Collider CEO Marc Fernandez. What the hell is the Collider Cryptomedia Network? Does it have something to do with Bitcoin? "Under Ryan's continued guidance, I cannot wait to see how the Pro Wrestling Sheet brand evolves."

"We're very excited to have Pro Wrestling Sheet join Collider," added Collider VP Kristian Harloff, who couldn't help but namedrop working for WWE in the press release. "I've had experience with wrestling during my time writing for the WWE, and my passion for the business has since crossed over from wrestling into the Schmoedown, but I know that Ryan has helped to elevate the wrestling news business and I have no doubt he'll do the same for the Collider brand."

Collider Acquires Pro Wrestling Sheet, Will Hire Team to Produce More Clickbait


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