Enzo Amore Issues Statement as Rape Case Dropped for Insufficient Evidence

Former WWE Superstar Enzo Amore has broken his silence after the police investigation into an alleged sexual assault that led to his firing from WWE in January. WWE has a strict policy on these issues but normally suspends wrestlers until a court verdict. However, the general consensus is that Amore was fired for not telling WWE about the police investigation earlier, waiting until it was publicized on Twitter. Amore was Cruiserweight Champion at the time of his firing, and the entire 205 Live brand had to be retooled after his sudden departure.

Enzo Amore Issues Statement as Rape Case Dropped for Insufficient Evidence

Amore hasn't tweeted since posting a letter from his lawyer on January 23rd, but he tweeted today with another statement from his lawyer after the case was closed due to lack of evidence.

On January 22, 2018, Eric Amdt (also known as Enzo Amore for World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE)) was accused, via the internet and social media, of misconduct during an alleged incident in Phoenix, Arizona, several months earlier. Prior to that date, no law enforcement or any other officials had contacted Mr. Arndt regarding such claims. However, after the careless, unfounded tirade on social media, Mr. Amdt learned of these accusations when his counsel reached out to Phoenix Police. Subsequently, and as evidenced by the vast amount of online admissions and other publicly available information, it was soon clear that the accuser exhibited a complete lack of truth or credibility. At all times, Mr. Arndt fully and unequivocally denied such accusations and remained confident in clearing his name.

The Phoenix Police Department recently informed Mr. Arndt and his counsel that there is insufficient evidence in this matter to warrant any criminal charges, that the matter will not be transferred to the County Attorney for prosecution, and that their investigation and case is closed.

No charges were ever filed. The matter is closed.

Mr. Amdt expresses his gratitude for the enormous amount of support from his fans and followers during this time period. The support has carried him through these events and opened his eyes to the faith and loyalty of those who have cheered and followed his career. This experience has further taught Mr. Amdt to be cautious with his personal associations, because false, defamatory, and unfounded accusations can alter and impact the lives and careers of the falsely accused and their families. Mr. Arndt is working diligently toward his next venture in the entertainment industry and looks forward to reconnecting with his fans in a big way in the very near future.

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