I Escaped Amazon Echo's Escape Room At New York Comic Con 2017

Courtesy of Bleeding Cool's own Danielle Mick:

In a brilliant marketing scheme in order to promote their Alexa-based products, Amazon stationed an escape room experience at New York Comic Con. The room was themed after Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan.

Escape Room by Amazon Echo for NYCC 2017 based upon Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan
Amazon Echo's NYCC 2017 Escape Room


Unfortunately, I can not give you the secrets of our miraculous escape, of which we have a proud slot on the leaderboards for our swift puzzle-solving skills — but I can leave a glowing review of the difficulty and detail that went into our assignment. The actors were in character the entire time, and Alexa played one hell of a role herself. Both of the products (Amazon Echo and Amazon Show) served multiple purposes and were quick to respond.

(How soon before AI takes over the world?)

It was a super enjoyable experience and it was absolutely worth the wait. I was taken away from my group and became an isolated hostage, where I was forced to solve puzzles by myself while handcuffed to a chair. Ultimately, the strangers and friends that I worked with were an amazing group of people and I had a blast testing out the products and becoming a full-time member of the CIA.

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