'Ready Player One' Hype: Inside Hall H At SDCC Warner Bros. Part 1

There are always two parts to the Hall H presentation on Saturday at Comic-Con International. The first part comes in the form of Warner Bros. and their bringing the world of the DC universe to to the big screen. That isn't all Warner Bros. brings, though, and in their scheduled two-hour panel (though it ended up being short, for reasons unknown) they showed off quite few things outside of the DC universe.

The atmosphere in the room, full of fans that have been camping out for hours, or even days, was electric as everyone got ready to watch one of the two big panels of the convention.

The first thing they brought was the thing that made the entertainment press lose their minds maybe more than the crowd. We had a brief teaser of 1980s technology before the show kicked off with a first look at Steven Spielberg's adaptation of Ready Player One.

ready player one

Everyone seemed excited, but the thing that prompted a nearby journalist to nearly burst my eardrum with their screaming was when the legendary Spielberg walked out on the stage. We got a chance to see the trailer, which appeared online not long after it premiered in the hall, and the moment certain characters appeared, the entire audience gasped.

The panel turned into one giant session of literally every single person on stage fangirling on Spielberg, who seemed a little amused by the entire thing. The scoop that stood out to a lot of people was when Spielberg revealed that the Iron Giant will play a key role.

As that section of the panel drew to a close, it was time to move on to the next big nostalgia property that Warner Bros. is betting the farm on: Blade Runner 2049.

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