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Adventure Time Spoilers – And Cosplay – At San Diego Comic Con

Peter S. Svensson watches Adventure Time for Bleeding Cool. Algebraic!

On Thursday evening, the Adventure Time Royal Ball was held at Comic Con International. And by Royal Ball I mean a screening of two recent Adventure Time episodes, a costume contest judged by the cast and crew of the fan-fave Cartoon Network series, followed by an advance screening of two upcoming episodes.

It started with the theme song. Or to be more precise, everyone in the audience singing along to the theme song, which was really awesome. Or pretty math, to use Adventure Time lingo.  So, I don't really need to go into detail about the first two episodes, featuring the time that Finn had to help Slime Princess stop her evil sister's plot to take over the kingdom through the power of acting like you're in love, and then the time that he and Jake realized that they had too much money and learned a valuable lesson about how using your insane wealth to make other people your pawns is wrong. (That's "Love Games" and "Furniture and Meat" respectively!)

So then the lights went up, and a room full of Adventure Time fans got to see Adventure Time cosplayers be judges on their costumes by two of the actors and two of the crew behind Adventure Time. Jeremy Shada, who plays Finn the Human (and man, it's weird seeing him grow older!), along with Olivia Olsen, the voice of Marceline the Vampire Queen were on the panel of judges, along with Adam Muto, co-executive producer for the series and storyboard artist Jesse Moynihan.

There were dozens of cosplayers who lined up in the back of the room to begin the contest, walking down the central aisle as if it were a catwalk. Almost 50 attendees in cool costumes, ranging from the familiar (Fionna and Cake! Another Fionna! Marceline! Ice King!) to the obscure (Doctor Princess! The Jail House! The Clown Nurses!), strutting their stuff and showing off to the judges, who quickly cut the roster down to a final three.

Magic Man.


Elaborate Lumpy Space Princess.


Fionna with light-up sword.


Honorable mentions went to "Playboy-bunny Marceline!" who had a precious home-made Hambo prop to complete the bunny-eared vampire queen look, the Jail House, who seriously made himself look like a jail house, the Clown Nurses, and an armored Fionna. But the candidates were cut down to this final three, whom the audience voted for. Magic Man got second place in the contest of measuring audience enthusiasm and applause. Also I screamed a bit. But the winner turned out to be the Elaborate Lumpy Space Princess. Who like all the finalists won a ticket to the next day's Adventure Time signing, but also got a bunch of Adventure Time Swag, including DVDs, sunglasses, a cellphone case, and USB sticks. It's pretty cool.


You know, Lumpy Space Princess reminds me of the grape Gatorade I was drinking today. But the light up costume made all the difference and lead her to victory.

Now that the contest was over, Muto talked a bit about the next two episodes we'd be watching. Mainly that we'd have questions after seeing them, questions which would be best answered at the next day's Adventure Time panel. Jeremy Shada admitted that questions would probably be responded to with vague non-committal pseudo answers, proving that the now teenaged voice actor has done enough of these panels to get jaded and cynical.

The first episode after the contest was "Food Chain", which premiered early last month on Cartoon Network. It was written and directed by Masaaki Yuasa, and had a weird trippy take on Finn learning about the food chain, with a  musical number, a wedding, and death. It was trippy and weird and strange and OMGWTFBBQ. It was then followed up with an episode which well…


Finn and Jake aren't in this episode. Breakfast Princess is having a conference for the various Princesses (and this series has a lot of them) to work out their complicated trade issues, as each kingdom needs something from another, and it's all very O. Henry "The Gift of the Magi" but during all of this, Lumpy Space Princess gets into like a real fight with the Breakfast Princess and she is all getting angry and what the lump?! Basically, the episode turns into sort of a Kill Bill meets Thelma and Louise as Lumpy Space Princess and Marceline become a very strange duo out for revenge and not quite killing people! As opposed to the trippy "Food Chain", this was a more traditional classic story, featuring our odd couple of the Lumpy Space Princess and Marceline, out for vengeance and like, stuff.

It's fun. If you like Adventure Time, but felt that the series' recent focus on relationships and how broken Finn and Jake are has distracted from the fun, this episode is nothing but. It is scheduled to air next Thursday.

Peter S. Svensson would like to remind you all to attend the Pro/Fan Trivia Contest on 4:00 PM Sunday, where he will be competing for the Fan team. Also, he's on staff for the official Power Rangers convention, Power Morphicon, which is at booth #1000!

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