Film director Martin Scorsese in Trinity College, Dublin before speaking to students and alumni. 24 FEBRUARY 2017

Scorsese Explains His Take on Marvel Movies in NYT Editorial

Critics from angry Marvel fanboys on Twitter to Bob Iger have taken issue with his likening superhero movies to theme park rides and, most damning, saying that that they are "not cinema."In a new editorial for the New York Times, Scorsese lays out the full case for why he believes Marvel movies aren't cinema[...]

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Odeon Opens New Luxe & Dine Cinema – Of Course It's In Islington

The Odeon chain of cinemas is launching a new take on their current Luxe cinema line, Odeon Luxe & Dine You can see where this is heading, can't you?Dubbed a "premium, dine-in cinema offering" and set to open by the end of the year, it will "feature a premium menu designed exclusively for cinema, recliner[...]

Review: Marseille's mCable HDMI Cords for Cinema and Gaming

They sent us a couple sets of cables, one for gaming purposes and one for cinema to test out and review It sounds pretty awesome, but do they do the trick?SO let's get to the nitty-gritty of what these cables actually are They look like standard HDMI cables, however, one of the ends that goes[...]

art of Gary Pullin

Ghoulish: The Art of Gary Pullin, a Must-Have for Horror Aficionados [Review]

The works are masterclasses in cinematic and magazine art, done in a variety of formats and styles with crisp linework, texture, and shading The illustrations are large and lush with vivid colors, crisp whites, and properly ink-slick blacks The paper is thick, and the cover and spine are solid and well made -- able to[...]


MoviePass Is About to Die – Why No One Will Help Them

The large national theater exhibitors don’t like an outside company coming in and dictating the price of movie tickets to the public, and so they held their ground.Now with MoviePass apparently circling the drain and AMC, Cinemark, and Alamo Drafthouse all experimenting with their own subscription services, it seems those little red debit cards will soon[...]

MoviePass Announces MoviePass Ventures to Acquire, Distribute Films

In what seems like an altered version of the old cliche, "…but what I really want to do is direct," MoviePass is looking to go from offering you discounted tickets for the movies you want to see to – hopefully – giving you the movies you want to see directly. Looking to make a big […]

Is The Power Rangers Sequel In Jeopardy?

Power Rangers was, for me at least, a rather unexpectedly great movie. It also generally received positive reviews and was seen as a good start in a new franchise. However, that positivity hasn't translated to box office. Not even breaking $100 million domestically, the film series' hopes for continuation does seem on dodgy ground. Lionsgate's […]

Things To Do In London When You're Walking Dead

The Ritzy Picturehouse in Brixton is one of my favourite cinemas Because they're always doing.. stuff Like hosting an Orbital Comics pop up shop for the release of Man Of Steel.Well, on Saturday, they are showing the full first season/series of The Walking Dead Five hours of the damn thing.It's a promotional thing for the[...]

Frankenweenie Tells You How To Behave In Your Local IMAX

Cinemas are still having to tell their patrons to not use their phones during movies and make sure they are set to silent before the program begins Indeed, cinemas are even pointing out that people "should be considerate to others."Who on Earth needs that instruction? Well, okay, a lot of Bleeding Cool forum users need[...]

Brits Get Two Tickets At Cineworld For £8 With Simply Tap

Apparently the £5 is void for the cinema deal Still a good deal though They might want to make that clearer....Use the code 248CINEB to redeem the offer The registration is a little tricky, as in you'll need to register in-app but also confirm your email from your inbox half way through or you'll have[...]

Will Marvel Get Cinema Goers Into The Stores For Free Comic Book Day?

Marvel Comics are running a promotion with comic book stores and cinema chains, to try and make the link with The Avengers movie and their offerings for Free Comic Book Day.On May 3rd, AMC cinemas across the US will be running The Ultimate Marvel Movie Marathon, screening Iron Man, Iron Man 2, Hulk, Captain America[...]

How Your Local Store Will Appear In The DC New 52 Cinema Ad

We've seen how the DC New 52 cinema ad looks Well here's the bit that your local retailer will pay 25% of the ad cost for, when it runs on your local cinema screen...We've seen how the DC New 52 cinema ad looks Well here's the bit that your local retailer will pay 25%[...]

"And Now An Important Message From The Director And Star Of Attack The Block"

Here's a PSA starring Joe Cornish and John Boyega, the director and lead actor of Attack the Block. It's most amusing. [youtube][/youtube] Attack the Block remains the best film I've seen all year, and despite some stiff competition. Please go see it, I really think you're very likely to fall in love with it. I […]

Thirty Second DC Comics Cinema Ad For Co-Op Advertising

DC Comics are creating a thirty second cinema ad to promote the DC Relaunch, of the "New 52" through September Each ad will include an end card that retailers can add their logo, address and offer details on, when it airs in local cinemas DC will pay 75% of the cost of the ad, while[...]

Surefire Way To Get Pirates To Buy Cinema Tickets

Had enough of popcorn and nachos, but tempted to give Salmagundi and rum a go instead? I may have found your new favourite cinema.Some affluent Palm Beach residents have splashed out on a rather lavish, pirate ship themed home theatre From the early architects' renders, there's twelve seats so, you never know, you may be[...]

Jonathan Ross Joins French Film Channel

Writer of Image comic Turf, ex-BBC presenter and husband of X-Men First Class screenwriter Jane Goldman, Jonathan Ross has made his next big media move.After presenting BBC's Film TV show for years, Ross has become the creative director of the French cinema TV channel Cinémoi, broadcasting on Sky and Virgin in the UK.He will also[...]