Kane Launches Weekly Facebook Show About Mayoring, Challenges Opioid Epidemic to Cage Match

WWE Superstar and Republican Mayor of Knox County, TN, Kane, has launched a new weekly Facebook Live show about his job as mayor. After defeating Democratic opponent Linda Haney and sending her straight to hell at the beginning of August, Kane took to twitter August 31st to post a photo of his first day on the job.

Kane did not reveal whether he became frustrated with the office chair assembly after the photo was taken and delivered a chokeslam to a county official, but we're going to assume based on past history that he did. Soon after, Jacobs took to Facebook to post a video message, which he said would be the first of a weekly series of videos talking about Knox County business, and, presumably if the mood strikes him, reflecting on his "sick and depraved acts" and tendency to "delight in terror, delight in pain."

This morning, in my remarks, I talked about things that I've talked about throughout my campaign. Jobs. Education. The opioid epidemic. One announcement that I was happy and proud to make is that on October 18th, Mayor [Madeline] Rogero, the mayor of the city of Knoxville, will be hosting a community summit called Knox United Mayors Call to Action. What this summit is designed to do is bring together community leaders, government leaders, law enforcement, the private sector, companies, foundations, individual citizens to not only talk about the opioid problem and the drug epidemic but to encourage, recommend, and suggest tangible actions that we can take very soon that will help stem the tide and change the direction of this problem.

Kane also created two new government positions. First, the education liaison, who will work with every educational institution in Knox County to ensure that students are getting what they need. Kane named Roger Kane to the position. Bleeding Cool has been unable to confirm whether Roger Kane is actually related to Kane or his brother The Undertaker, but hopefully, The Big Red Machine is not already allowing nepotism to spoil his reign. The other position, Kane said, was a diversity development manager, tasked with working with minorities, women, veterans, and disabled people to help them succeed in small business.

Maintaining his commitment to economic conservatism, Kane ended the show without setting off his pyro, though it did take him several tries to turn off the livestream.

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