PepsiCo Announces New Lemon-Lime Soda With Starry

PepsiCo has launched a new lemon-lime flavor soda which they are calling Starry, which will replace Sierra Mist.

PepsiCo have launched a brand new soda this week with the reveal of the lemon lime-flavored Starry, now out on store shelves. The new flavor will officially replace Sierra Mist, which has been retired by the company and will officially replace that drink option across the nation. The flavor profile of this one has been tweaked a bit to be different from other sodas in the same flavor, which they're topping off with their new slogan for it: "Starry Hits Different." The drink has been made for those who are "simultaneously optimistic about the future and brings a sense of irreverence to their every day," according to the branding. Here's more from the company about the drink.

PepsiCo Announces
Credit: PepsiCo

"Starry in Regular and Zero Sugar versions is now available at U.S. retailers and food service outlets nationwide. Starry is caffeine-free and is available in a variety of sizes to provide a refreshing burst of lemon-lime flavor for every occasion. The demand for lemon-lime soda has never been greater, with category growth accelerating since 2019. Starry is bursting onto the scene with a soda that hits different and provides a crisp, clear burst of lemon-lime refreshment. Created by a best-in-class product innovation team, Starry is easy-to-drink, optimally sweet, and delivers both an exceptional taste and flavor experience."

This is an interesting move from the company as they are essentially putting in a new soda of the same type into the market with changes to the flavor in a way to compete. While we know Sierra Mist has its fans out there, the reality is it wasn't one of the top brands for the company and was basically an alternative if you hated one of the others. This feels like a genuine attempt to have something bold and competitive on the market, and it might actually find the tastebuds of people who aren't into brands like 7Up or Sprite.

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