Is WWE's Titus O'Neil Joining Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy?

Titus O'Neil, WWE Superstar and CEO of the prestigious marketing company Titus Worldwide, took to Twitter Thursday to tease possible involvement with the Marvel Cinematic Universe. O'Neil, a longtime friend of actor Dave Bautista, tagged both Marvel and the Guardians of the Galaxy star in a tweet showing off his ripped new physique.

What could Titus mean when he says he's gone "down to a Leaner 41-year-old 270lb Marvel Character?" Further, when he tells Bautista that he'll see him soon, does that mean the two could soon be filming together, perhaps in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3?

O'Neil recently catapulted himself to megastar status after a performance at the WWE Greatest Royal Rumble that had everyone talking. Could he be looking to convert that newfound fame into a movie career like his buddy Bautista? It would be journalistically irresponsible not to come to that very conclusion!

In response to the tweet, Bautista posted:

As you can see, Bautista has cleverly hidden the name of his Guardians of the Galaxy character inside this seemingly innocuous, affirming tweet. Can there be any doubt now that there's truth behind this rumor we just started?

Is WWE's Titus O'Neil Joining Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy?
Apollo and Titus O'Neil

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