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DC Comics Rises Price Of The Joker Monthly Comic To $6
$3.99 as a 32-page comic book which actually has 20 comic book story pages in it $4.99 gets a 40-page comic but that will bring you around 30 story pages And a card-stock cover adds another dollar onto the top of that. With Infinite Frontier, DC Comics launched and reformatted a number of their comics with[...]
Frankensteining DC Comics For April 2017 – Are All The Monthlies Going To $3.99?
In that they more than usual are priced at $3.99 not the DC Rebirthed price of $2.99. Over so soon? The listings so far have Trinity, Superwoman, Supergirl, New Super Man, Cyborg and Super Sons on $3.99, when they were previously on $2.99 These are all monthly titles. While Action Comics, Superman, Harley Quinn, Aquaman, Deathstroke are on $2.99[...]
DC Comics Move To $4.99 On The Newsstand
Photos taken in the wild by Bleeding Cool reader Travis Pelkie… DC Comics newsstand issues of Detective Comics #39, Justice League United #9, Batman/Superman #19 and Batman #38. The comics are all $3.99 in comic stores, but $4.99 on the newsstand. It's not the first time that the newsstand price has been higher than the[...]
Half Of The June DC Mini-Relaunch Titles Will Still Be $2.99
Jim Lee during the DC retailer meeting at Burbank, yesterday. There has been some concern regarding the eventual creep of the $3.99 comic book, with Marvel currently only having one remaining $2.99 Marvel Universe title. With all the Convergence titles moving to $3.99 for April and May, it was assumed by some that this would be it,[...]
In October 2014, The Average Price Of A Top Ten Comic Book Is $4.50
And that's even with the bestseller, The Walking Dead selling $2.99. That's four at $4.99, one at $2.99, one at $5.99 and four at $3.99. In comparison, the average price of a top ten comic in October 2004 was $2.69, A 66% increase in price in ten years. In that time, the USA has experienced only 26% inflation[...]
Diamond Previews Drops In Price To $3.99
Which has just announced that Diamond Previews is dropping in price from January to $3.99. The cost of the Diamond Previews catalogue has often been cause of contention Now that cause will be a little… less.     Hannah Means-Shannon is currently liveblogging the Diamond Retailer Breakfast at New York Comic Con Which has just announced that Diamond[...]
Twelve Issues Of Batman For Less Than $16 A Year – $1.33 Each
Currently, Scott Snyder is in battle with DC Comics to get them to bring the price of Batman down from its newly announced price of $4.99 to its previous price of $3.99. But there are other options. Such as this subscription deal with twelve issues of Batman for $15.90, or $1.32 and a half cent each. That's whether[...]
DC's Batman Comic Jumps To Five Bucks An Issue
To thirty pages of story each issue. And, as a result, the price of Batman by Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo, will be increasing from $3.99 to $4.99 (or $5.99 for the combo pack which includes a digital download code.) While superhero comics have jumped to that price point or beyond, for individual issues, this will be the[...]