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A Plague Tale: Requiem Releases New Story Trailer
Before Focus Entertainment releases A Plague Tale: Requiem, we get to see a special performance of the theme from Lindsey Stirling The game has a very specific tone to it that harkens back to an era where life was short in many ways, but all feared the black plague as it rolled through Europe, claiming[...]
A Plague Tale: Requiem Releases New Story Trailer
Focus Entertainment has released a new trailer today for A Plague Tale: Requiem as we get a better look at the story Picking up from the previous game, we rejoin Amicia and Hugo as they have fled their home looking for a cure to the curse that dwells within Hugo But are they close to[...]
A Plague Tale: Requiem Will Be Released This October
Focus Entertainment announced today that they will be releasing A Plague Tale: Requiem on PC and all three major consoles in October The announcement came today along with a brand new extended video showing off a lot more of the game than we saw during Summer Game Fest We get a much better idea of[...]
A Plague Tale: Requiem Will Be Getting A Collector's Edition
Focus Entertainment revealed a brand new version of A Plague Tale: Requiem as the company will be releasing a new Collector's Edition Together with Asobo Studio, this will be the ultimate edition for anyone who loves the series so far and wants something to commemorate it The sum total of the set is that you'll[...]