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Ace Attorney Has Been Added To Teppen For A Special C
The world of Teppen is in for a lot of legal issues as the cast of Ace Attorney have dropped into the game for a special event The latest update to the game has added "Ace vs The People", which brings in characters from the Ace Attorney and Dead Rising series to testify in the Teppen courtroom[...]
Capcom Producer Claims Good Things Are Coming For Ace Attorney Fans
The Japanese site 4Gamer (translated by GoNintendo) recently had a chat with Capcom producer Motohiro Eshiro where he dropped a little hint at something cool on the way for fans of the Ace Attorney series There's no real elaboration on this beyond the news that there's a new title on the way, but here's hoping the series branches out[...]
'Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney' Gets A Release Date With New Trailer
We've kinda just been sitting around waiting for Capcom to tell us when we'd finally get to see Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney on the 3DS in North America Today, the wait is over, as a new Story Trailer was released and gave us the official date of November 21st The game is almost a decade old[...]
Ace Attorney 6 Gets A New Japanese Trailer
The Ace Attorney games have a very loyal fan base Phoenix Wright remains one of Capcoms most beloved characters, as the courtroom based game continues to go strong in its old age. After frolicking around with Professor Layton, the lawyer is going to be making a comeback in his own series which just got a new[...]
NYCC: Capcom World Highlights
 Announcement got the biggest cheer of the panel. Ace Attorney Trilogy (3DS) Collection will feature the first three games from the series with an HD graphics facelift  All the graphics have been redrawn for the collection.   Game will also feature a japanesse    dialogue option. Street Fighter 4 Ultra (Multiple Platforms) Patch 1.03 was announced[...]