YouTube Reloads 'Dai Gyakuten Saiban' Dubs After Citing Fair Use

Phoenix Wright fans are probably somewhat familiar with Dai Gyakuten Saiban, a Capcom spinoff of the series where a man named  Ryūnosuke Naruhodō (one of Wright's ancestors) meets Sherlock Holmes and attempts to solve mysteries with him. The game has yet to hit America, but a pair of fans who have a Japanese copy of the game recorded the episodes and translated them into a miniseries, which they released on YouTube. Unsurprisingly, Camcom dropped by and demanded they be removed for copyrights, which they were.

YouTube Reloads 'Dai Gyakuten Saiban' Dubs After Citing Fair Use

However, the videos returned yesterday after the original posters protested to YouTube claiming fair use, but not just regular ol' fair use, they cited it being educational as it was a full English translation and could be used to teach people how to speak Japanese. The series itself was receiving praise on Reddit from Phoenix Wright fans until they were originally pulled in late June.

Now don't be fooled by the fact that this is just a video game, that's a huge step forward on YouTube when it comes to content falling under the fair use category. There's a lot of videos like these that get pulled all the time simply because someone doesn't like their IP being used and wants to curtail anything they view as a misrepresentation. This is especially big in gaming because Dai Gyakuten Saiban has not come to the west yet, meaning we have a fully transcribed version of the game that you can enjoy without needed to play it first.

Honestly, if I were Capcom, I'd hire the two to work on other Japanese titles and get them out the door faster than some of their titles usually take. Especially since Dai Gyakuten Saiban has a sequel on the way in a couple weeks!

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