Ace Attorney Has Been Added To Teppen For A Special Event

The world of Teppen is in for a lot of legal issues as the cast of Ace Attorney have dropped into the game for a special event. The latest update to the game has added "Ace vs. The People", which brings in characters from the Ace Attorney and Dead Rising series to testify in the Teppen courtroom. This is a brand new pack that also introduces the card rotation system, which removes three-card sets from Standard. You can read more about it below and check out the latest trailer as the courtroom drama heats up!

OBJECTION! Or is it Tep-jection? Or Ob-Teppen? Courtesy of GungHo Online.
OBJECTION! Or is it Tep-jection? Or Ob-Teppen? Courtesy of GungHo Online.

In "Ace vs. The People," Phoenix Wright's friend, Larry Butz, has been accused of destroying Mayor Cody's statue! Phoenix needs to gather evidence to defend Larry and prove his innocence. Classic Capcom characters like Dan, Abigail, and Blanka take the stand, and clues hidden within the cards' text and illustrations are the key to solving the mystery. Grab your magnifying glass and use two new abilities to make your case:

  • Evidence can be found by using the effects of specific Unit and Action Cards.
  • Present will consume the Evidence found in battle and change the effects of Action Cards.

This is a court summons and there's jury compensation if you show up: 10 Pack Tickets are available as a login bonus. In late May, a new Phoenix Wright EX Skin for Chun-Li will arrive in the SP Pack. New Legendary Cards include Red card 'Miles Edgeworth,' Green card 'Brilliant Turnabout,' Purple card 'Psyche-Lock,' and Black card 'Gearhead Witness Abigail.' Let's cross-examine the prosecution, 'Miles Edgeworth':

  • Tribe: Human
  • MP: 5
  • Attack: 2
  • HP: 7
  • When placed on the field: Deal damage to 1 random enemy unit equal to the amount of open board slots x2.
  • Destroyed by Damaging Effect: Collect 1 piece of Evidence.
  • Death: Consume 3 pieces of Evidence, then return this unit to the EX Pocket.

Other new cards include:

"Ace vs. The People" coincides with the first card rotation. The following card sets are no longer allowed in Standard Mode:

  • The Devils Awaken
  • The Force Seekers

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